About NESU Smart Phone Card  

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About NESU Smart Phone Card

For the last 7 years, a team of international scientists have been diligently developing a product that will minimize negative effects from mobile devices and, as of September 2011, the research has been completed, the product was developed and launched by name of is NESU Smart Phone Card, NESU, using unique technology, will enable its users to have healthier phone conversations with protection from radiation by preventing the absorption of negative EMR from mobile devices by the human organism and without reducing the signal strength. NESU is suitable for mobile device, and it easy to install. True value of NESU has been recognized by international invention and health community and has been declared as World No. 1 product in protection from mobile radiation, Mobile communication is a standard way of communication today. Make NESU your standard in protecting your health and health of those dear to you.

The NESU Card is made in the European Union. The material composition is copper, titanium, quartz, silver and gold, without chemical treatment involved. It is non-toxic, friendly to the human body. Furthermore, it does not affect a device's signal strength in any way.

The NESU Card will also shield you from EMR originated from other devices. It has a soothing effect on the meridians, prevents nerve degeneration and restores meridian of the blood flow. During tests, it was reported that the use of mobile devices indeed lead to a negative effect (“negative” energy) on certain parts of the human body, whereas the energy becomes “positive” when the NESU card is placed on the mobile device.

The NESU Card prevents the absorption of negative radiation from mobile devices into the human body, helps against electro smog and is recommended for everybody who use mobile devices or who is in any way exposed to EMR.

NESU is an acronym for ‘Nirvana-Energy- Sun-Universe’. The NESU Card is a patented product in the European Union and has passed tests in prominent International laboratories. The NESU Card has been awarded several Gold medals at International invention fairs in the USA, the UK, Taiwan, Malaysia, Macau, Romania, Russia, Kuwait and Croatia.

What do we do?


Enable healthier mobile conversations all around the World, Protecting every person using mobile phone for communication, Protecting people from the harmful influence of Electro Magnetic Fog, Shielding people from Electro Magnetic Radiation ( EMR ) effects.


NESU patent No: PK20120303, NESU is designed for use in any mobile device, NESU dimensions are: 25 mm(L) x 10 mm(W), and a thickness of 0.20 mm, NESU to be attached onto the back of a any mobile device .


Research was conducted in IBBU Institute in cooperation with the Center for Intellectual Medical Systems IMEDIS, Moscow, Russia. Has been tested by SGS North America Inc. Fairfeild, NJ 07004, USA .


 BIS 2013, London, UK  INST 2013, Taipei  INPEX 2013, Pittsburgh, USA  International Innovation & Invention Expo 2013, Macao  EUROINVENT 2013, Romania  Arhimed 2013, Moscow, Russia  Technology Expo 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  IIFME 2012, Kuwait  INOVA 2012, Croatia  INPEX 2012, Pittsburgh, USA  EUROINVENT 2012, Romania

NESU Capabilities

Design 99%






Made in European union

The material composition is copper, titanium, quartz, silver and gold, without chemical treatment involved. It is non-toxic, friendly to the human body. Furthermore, it does not affect a device's signal strength in any way.

The human body is exposed on a daily basis to electrical smog and electromagnetic radiation using mobile devices.

NESU works to eliminates the electromagnetic loads of mobile devices. NESU may also help to reduce loads originated by other mobile devices.

NESU has a soothing effect on the meridians and, degeneration of nerves, improves blood flow etc.

During testing, it was noticed that use of mobile devices leads to a negative effect (negative energy) on parts of human body, whereas the energy becomes positive when NESU  is attached to a mobile device. NESU prevents the absorption of negative radiation from mobile devices into the human body. NESU helps against electromagnetic smog and is recommended for everybody who using mobile devices or are in any way exposed to Electro Magnetic Radiation ( EMR ). 

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